I have made two collections of my own lyrically-centred music so far and will definitely make more, regardless of outcome.  I’m passionate about lyrics, their power, and the difficult dance of committing to a rhyming scheme based on the incredible limitations of our language and its ability to portray what we really feel in a context that others can share.  

Only a cross-section of songs chosen below.

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PENUMBRA - The word “penumbra” describes an area of transition where something is both in shadow and in light.  This was and continues to be my state since the age of 30, with intention on ever-increasing light. These songs were written strictly from the heart, with no attachment to outcome.  Although it felt incredible to create this music, much of it doesn’t resonate with anybody but me.  Another lesson learned. Produced, Recorded and mixed by Brian Wiebe, www.solarnestarts.com.  Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Suite Sound, Vancouver.

BITTER MAN - I hesitated to put any of the music from this collection here as it no longer represents my current state of mind, nor musicianship. However, I think it’s important to honour one’s path, and respect the process of evolution.  These songs were written at the closing of my first marriage, and in a time when I was completely unconscious.  Warning - some of this material contains raw stupidity and coarse language. Base tracks recorded in my basement, mixed and embellished by Brian Wiebe, www.solarnestarts.com

I deserve to fly

I can’t fall for you

Academy Award Performance

Let me in (Sergei Ryga vocals)



Waiting for you

The man

Keys, programming, live Plastic Drums, Djembe, Vocals - me

Bass Guitar, Guitar - Brian Wiebe

Keys, programming, Drums, Vocals - me

Bass Guitar, Guitar - Brian Wiebe

Additional Guitar - Bruce Wiebe

Saxophones - Michael Garding

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