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Daniel Powter, Greg Sczebel, Michael Burgess, Kenny Byrka, Leah West, Dan Rothery,

Rann Berry’s One Hit Wonders


Jayson Bendera, Sleddogs, Empyria, Random Act, Ten2Nine, Love Gun, Warhag, Darby Mills


Ari Neufeld, Andrew Smith, Norm Strauss,

Corey Doak, Graham Ord, Ryan Donn,

Jane Eamon, Sherri-Anne Nyberg


Andrea Superstein, Vegas’ The Rat Pack Is Back, Campbell Ryga, Bill King, Dee Daniels, Stu Goldberg, Canada’s Young Divas, Carol Welsman, Sunny Wilkinson, Michael Hope, Bob Mintzer, Michael Garding Big Band, Bob De Angelis, Chase Sanborn


David Vest, John Lee Sanders,

Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne,

Harpdog Brown


Groove Engine, Igor Saavedra, Baby Harry


Mystic Bowie


Al Brisco, Roger Gabriel, Nikita Aphonso


Stefan Mitchell, Jack Fowler, Lisa Ferraro,

Erika Luckett, Anthony Burbidge,

Martin Kerr, Sue Hodge


Okanagan, Kamloops and Kootenay

Symphony Orchestras


Jesus Christ Superstar, Scarlet Pimpernel,

The Wiz, Little Shop of Horrors, Scrooge, Chess, Evita, Whistle Down The Wind,

Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, The Secret Garden


Passionate and in awe of the power of making music,

I am now in my 47th year of doing it... so, yes, I should be quite a bit better by now.

         "Both Sides" from Corey Doak's

Light On The Darkest Line

"Speak To Me" from Corey Doak's

Light On The Darkest Line

End of "Holiday" from

Ashleigh Somerville's  Wee CD

Dennis Leclair's

"Never Met A Woman"

“The Light Shines In”

Dawn’s Light

Suzie Gemmel's "Belief"

“This Place Called Home”

Rob Robertson

Justin Glibbery's "Hard Drive" from Mammals Alive

End solo of "Nearness Of You"

Anna Jacyszn, Berrnie Addington, Stu Goldberg

Suzie Gemmel's "Sister"

“Credit” by Tower of Power, emulated by

our funk band Groove Engine

Beginning of Suzan Wood Young's

version of "Show Me"

Beginning of Suzan Wood Young's

version of "This Can't Be Love"

Middle end of "Returning Home", off of Empyria's The Long Road Home

End piece of a duet between Anna Jacyszn and Neville Bowman from "Lush Life"


A rare opportunity to perform with my amazing friend, Ari Neufeld, at the Streaming cafe, Kelowna, 2010.  John Rousseau on bass.  I start the tune using my home-made trigger vest.  The sound person had it way too hot in the mix though.

Empryia Prog band, opening for Warrel Dane of Nevermore, Red Room, Vancouver, 2010

Jazz Cafe Band playing Caravan at the Stream Cafe, Kelowna,

2011.  Using my tiny bamboo sticks from the home center.

Anna Jacyszyn - vocal, Neville Bowman - piano, Bernie Addington - bass, Craig Thompson - tenor


Them's some sour lemons, baby!! Voice and drums recorded at the same time with a 414. I'm no Josh Groban, but oh well. Words and music by me.

All tracks drums and percussion by me. Click to play, then please wait a sec for it to load.

Empryia Prog band, opening for Sabaton at The Venue,

Vancouver, 2013

Our 11-piece funk band “Groove Engine” promo.

Tracking drums on “Michael’s Theme” for the Michael Garding Big Band CD.  

Jazz Cafe Band, April, 2009.  Coltrane’s Mr. P.C. Anna Jacyszyn - vocal, Bernie Addington - bass, Neville Bowman - piano, Loni Moger, guitar.

As a guest performer at George Pringle Secondary School Music Program’s year-end concert (under Sergei Ryga), Lake Country, BC, July 2008.  Some solo ideas featuring default Roland V-drum patches on my custom setup.

A tribute to RUSH - our version of YYZ, and Bob Gablehouse’s “Rushish”.  Bob Gablehouse on guitar, Spencer Budworth bass.  Recorded at Big Audio Productions, Kelowna, Fall 2015.

John Rousseau’s band “The Riverline” performing Strategy To Love, Centre Stage Theatre, Summerland, March 12, 2016. John Rousseau, lead vocal, acoustic guitar; Paul Henbury, guitar, vocal;  Austin McAvany, bass.

The Michael Garding Big Band Performing “Live Till I Die” at the 2016 BC Interior Jazz Masters Concert.  Special guests Laila Biali - vocals, Greg Yasinitsky - Sax.

both_sides.mp3 speak_to_me.mp3 holiday.mp3 Never_met.mp3 light_shine_in.mp3 belief.mp3 place_called.mp3 hard_drive.mp3 nearness.mp3 sister.mp3 credit.mp3 show_me.mp3 cant_be_love.mp3 returning_home.mp3 duet.mp3